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Scale Dome Models

Consider buying a model kit. 

Each hardwood kit is exactly 1" = 1'-0" scale, complete with axial angles, compound miters and hub slots.


Gluing with 5 minute epoxy allows you to conquer the math and creates a permanent study model.

It is a sensible first step if you are considering buying a full-sized dome.

A model for each model.

Model 50 Domes

     Roof only kit  78 Struts            $150

     Full kit          146 Struts              300

Model 85 Dome   250 Struts         $600

Model 130 Dome   455 Struts     $1200


An ancient model dating back to the early 70s     Redwood     

Epoxy is still perfect.  (Look right.)       

Traditional geodesic math.   Notice undulating strut rows

This is why I created my own math.


Detail of a connection. 

Can you find it on the photo to the left?


Detail of Model 50 Roof, to the right


Model 50 Dome Roof


Welded bronze model of Model 130   1:12 Scale

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