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Model 85 Dome

The Allard Model 85 dome is the right size for a small house.  It is 8.5 meters in diameter (28') and has the characteristic Allard bulge.  The strut rows are horizontal, so adding a floor at the 8' point is easy.

Model 85 Strut Kit

     250 Struts

     91 Hubs

     1000 Bolts            $12,700

New Earth Exposition, Boston 1975  Featured Exhibit   Introduction of  Allard Mathematics - notice integral door frame

Four Men Constucting Home

Single-handedly moving an entire Model 85 strut kit

Harry L. Lee, far right.  It wouldn't have happened without him.  RIP

DeCordova balloons.jpg
Strut kit 85.jpg
DeCordova with Darren_edited.jpg
Marcia dome swing.jpg
Harry, truck Marcia.jpg

DeCordova Museum  Lincoln, Massachusetts

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