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House as a Product

The Allard dome is designed to be produced as a finished product, the same way a car is a finished product.  All components are provided & coordinated for field assembly.


The first and second floors, as well as the stair tower, are reinforced concrete which is not only fireproof, quiet, inexpensive and a great thermal mass, it is the only material on Earth which continues to get stronger as it gets older.  It will never creak or rot.


My dome, the prototype, keeps itself warm through Berkshire winters better than I expected, giving me the courage to offer the same to others.


My plan is to make one thousand houses in a single run, and to share the economy of scale fairly and openly.


A Waiting List needs to grow to the thousand mark for the plan to work. 

Allard Dome Kit 

The Allard dome is available in three standard sizes in kit form.  All precut struts, 1/4" solid aluminum connectors, stainless screws, bolts, and instructions are provided for the do-it-yourselfer.   Of course, unlimited help is available

Pictured is the Model 130, which is 42.6 ft. in diameter.

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