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Democratic Self Management

Driven by corporate zeal to maximize short-term profit, today's capitalism unashamedly exploits workers to benefit the elite.  It also dictates shoddy design and condones product failure.


This adversarial relationship between management and worker costs society more than vast sums of money due to inefficient productivity. 

It changes how we live together.  It is swallowing Democracy.  


In response to this doomed system, Allard Engineering was founded to develop and teach an alternative business model based upon fairness.  An orchestra is a good metaphor in the way highly skilled people choose to cooperate with each other.


Called "Democratic Self Management", this new business model provides cultural imperatives to ensure a stable, enduring link between ethics and a group's members.


It lets workers manage themselves for mutual benefit.

Implementation of these principles is by rules and software called the "Allard Workstream Management System", which provides the techniques to link workers with work, and with each other, in an open and fair way.


All projects managed by Allard Engineering are handled this way.

Partnership Possibilities

Allard Engineering's non-profit mission to develop and teach principles of democratic self management is funded by contributions and by sales of socially responsible products for housing, safety, energy, and transportation.


True to its principles, Allard Engineering has no employees.  Rather, work is shared by equal partners and coordinated by the workstream management software.


The larger and stronger this workforce becomes, the better the products will be and everyone will benefit.


Initiative is required, but opportunities for partnership abound. 

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